You are blessed by God with certain gifts and abilities.Your success and fulfilment in life depends to a great extent on how you maximise these gifts.You must develop and build your life around what you are gifted by God to do.Train and educate yourself in line with these gifts.
2. Work out a clear vision,dream or plan for your life.The Bible says,where there is no purpose,dream,vision or direction,people live confused,unproductive and defeated lives.(Proverbs 29:18)
3. To choose your career you must consider these factors.
A. Choose your career based on your gifts,talents and abilities.For instance,if you play the piano and sing excellently,you may consider a career in music or the performing arts.
B. Focus on your area of interest or hobby. If one of your hobbies is working with computers,you may consider pursuing a course in software development or computer engineering.
C. Choose a career which involves the subjects you are good at.For instance,if you are good in science subjects like mathematics,physics and chemistry,you could pursue a course in engineering.
D. Take out time to discuss your career options with your parents or guardians before making any decisions. Some courses look exciting on the outside but may be totally unsuited for your personality so,discuss with professionals in that particular field of endeavor and let them give you more facts to enable you make an informed career decision
4. Write a plan for your career. What course do you want to read?When do you want to start and complete it?After your first degree,will you pursue a masters or doctorate degree?write out as many details as possible in your personal journal and use it as a guide to fulfil your dream.
5. Be ready to sacrifice for your vision and dream if you want it to become a reality.Sacrifice simply means giving up something you like to fulfil your dream.For instance,you can invest your pocket money to buy books and educational software programs that enhance your learning instead of using it to buy the latest clothes in fashion.
6. Time is your greatest asset;don’t waste it,cheapen it,trade or exchange it for something less than its real value to you.Remember,waste of time in unproductive,energy draining activities,relationships and conversations is really a waste of your life.Things that are important should never be at the mercy of things that are unimportant,but seem so terribly urgent.Set your priorities.Get organised with the aid of diaries,palm pilot,organisers -etc.Plan your work and work your plan.
7. Three skills you must develop in life regardless of your profession are:the ability to sell,negotiate and communicate your ideas clearly.
8. Don’t just read to pass exams; develop your mind by reading books that build up your psyche; listen to tapes,watch quality movies that contribute to your mental and emotional development.Invest in yourself by embarking on a self-improvement training programme. Increase your market value daily.
9. Look for people who have achieved extra ordinary resuits in their lives and career and ask them to mentor you. A mentor is a successful man or woman who guides and contributes significantly to your life and career.
10. Take full responsibility for your success and progress in life.Success is an individual and personal effort.Don’t expect people to do what you ought to do for yourself.Cultivate a spirit of excellence.Put your best into all that you do.Always strive to make a difference wherever you are.