Build Your Relationships

GOD made us for connection.To be a healthy human being,you require healthy relationships in your life.
2. People bring out the best or the worse in you.Your success in life depends on the quality of people you surround yourself with.
3. Choose your friends wisely.Ask yourself if this person will add to your life or remove from you?Connect with people who contribute to your life positively.
4. Life is a choice.Don’t let anybody force an unwanted friendship on you.The friendships that are productive are those you initiate yourself.If you see someone you like,walk up to them and introduce yourself with a warm handshake and smile.Be confident.Nothing good in life comes by being shy or timid.
5. Proximity is no license for access.Access is the greatest gift you can give to anybody.Mind whom you give it to.
6. Like attracts like.Your friends mirror you.Move with people who are going in the same direction with you,people you share common interests and values with.
7. You must learn to initiate friendships with people you like or want to know.Show genuine interest in people.
8. Your circle of friends determine to a large extent what you become in life so,search for quality people who can be positive influences on you.Attract successful men and women your circle of friendship.
9. Every friendship must have a focus.Avoid,purposeless association.

Rules for Teens(YOUR DRESSING)

People see who you are before they hear what you have to say. Your personal success begins with your image.
2. Your image determines how you are PERCEIVED. How you are perceived determines how you are RECEIVED by people.Opportunities gravitate towards you because of your appearance.
3. You will receive better treatment from everyone if you are well dressed.
4. Always dress to project your personality,purpose and direction in life.
5. A great image is a product of posture,carriage,body language and classy dressing.When people say you look good,learn to accept their compliments graciously.
6. If you want to be a man or woman of influence,learn to dress like your heroes in politics,business,religion,and the arts etc whom you admire.
7. The clothes you wear advertise your character.Dress with dignity and honour.
8. Remember,you have only one opportunity to make a good first impression.Make it count.
9. Your clothes create a positive climate of acceptance around you. You can package yourself for either success or failure.
Remember,proper packaging pays.You can not be mistaken for a pauper if you dress like a PRINCE; neither can you be mistaken for a prostitute if you dress like a PRINCESS.
10. Wear clothes you feel comfortable and confident in,it heightens your sense of self confidence wherever you go.
11. Be yourself.Don’t go with the crowd.Stand out. Wear what allows your personal charms and charisma to show through.
12. Always pay attention to your hair,your nails and your shoes. Guys,Keep a regular appointment with your barber for your haircut. Ladies, always keep your nails clean.
13. Ladies, keep your hair beautiful at all times. An unkempt hair shows that you are a disorganised person.
14. Treat your body with respect. Keep it clean and healthy. Exercise regularly; eat foods that produce,promote and sustain you in health and vitality.Invest in toiletries and fragrances that make you feel and smell good.
15. Avoid these image breakers:
Ladies: recklessly chewing gum,indecent dressing and loquacity.
Guys: not polishing your shoes, wearing clothes with mismatched colours and which have a bad fit on you.