Interest(CASE STUDY)

Marta liked flowers. There were lots of flowers in her backyard,and she delighted in looking at the beautiful colours. One day she cut a few flowers to an arrangement for the dinner table. Her family liked the arrangement so much that they encouraged her to make more. She cut pictures of arrangements she liked out of magazines. She read books from the library on flower arranging that her parents’friends would ask her to make arrangements for birthday and anniversary parties. Almost without knowing it, Marta had a hobby__and even some jobs.

Thinking About the Case Study
1. Could Marta’s hobby lead to a career? What type of jobs could she do?
2. Is this the type of career that requires a college education?

People, Data, or Things

Which interests you the most__people, data, or things? Which are you most confortable with? Many people strongly prefer one of the three.
People who enjoy other people usually get along well with others. They make friends more easily. They enjoy solving “people problems.”
Those most interested in data like to collect information such as baseball scores or famous dates in history. They would rather work a math problem or read a book about space travel than go to a party.
People who are interested most in things usually like to work with their hands. They like to make things or fix things. They might like doing jigsaw puzzles or working on computers better than reading a book or meeting new people.
Are you usually more interested in people,data, or things?

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