Your spiritual and inner life is the foundation on which you build all other areas of your life.A healthy spiritual life gives you a sense of certainty and confidence no matter what you face in life.In life,we all go through tests and trials of one kind or another.It is your inner spiritual strength that will pull you up when you are down and give you victory in life.
2. Your personal commitment to the Lord is the first step you take towards building a strong and healthy inner life.Develop a personal relationship with the Lord that is genuine.
3. You can receive divine direction and know what to do in every situation by praying and listening to your heart. Learn to take your challenges to God in prayer before you make a decision.Always act in wisdom,peace and a good conscience.Do what is morally,ethically and spiritually right.Be a person of integrity.
4. Be thankful for all the good things of life you enjoy.Develop an attitude of gratitude.Complaining and carrying around a bad attitude is as dest ructive as poison.Maintain your joy and peace in spite of your challenges.With a positive attitude,consistent prayer and God’s help,you will always win in life.Remember that every challenge has a solution.Always think and pray through to the solution.