Stuck in Love


Boys. They are stupid, manipulative and annoying, but I love them.

You look at your phone and  get a text from the guy you fancy, just a simple “hey”. A three letter word. Just enough to make you squirm on the inside.

I will never fully understand why guys mess with girls heads so badly.

Guys mess with my mind and I’ve had countless nights where I cant sleep. Why? Because I’m thinking, thinking about the future with him. And whose him? Him is a very special guy to me, not just an average guy. I feel as if he is the “one”.

It feels so wrong, but I do feel like I am in love. If I ever try to “like” someone else (or as some kids say “like like”) he always pops up, just comes out of nowhere.

Love sucks. Especially when you are stuck in love.


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one teaspoon of doubt

Beware of Jess

People will always tell you what to do, who to be. It’s a part of life. Unfortunately, I was born a Taurus, if you believe in that kind of thing. I’m not entirely sure if I believe in the Zodiac, but I can admit at how startlingly right it can be at times.

But, being the stubborn bull that I am, I don’t take too kindly to being told what to do. I never have. I probably never will.

Thinking over that, I realize that the reason I chose to get a BN (bachelors in nursing) was because my mother, my brother, my father, and both of my sisters repetitively told me I couldn’t do it.

It’s a stupid mistake, I know this.

However, there is something satisfying in the daydream of telling the people that doubted you ‘look what I can do – you didn’t think I could!’ But…

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solidified unity

{ i refused to sink }

A successful conquest

A victory after all the test
We’ve set our best
To overcome the rest
A journey worthwhile
Finishing every anguish night
Ever mighty with a smile
A few steps more
And were on core
As one, together we soar
Efforts never lie
As commitments dont die
As one we cry
And as a whole we pry
Until we decide not to mend
It never is the end

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