Should Christians Befriend Non-Christians?

Touching Your

by Erin Davis
When evaluating your friendships, remember to check your motivations as well as how you are influenced by particular relationships.

Should Christians Befriend Non-Christians?

Many of you are wondering, “Is it okay to be friends with (fill in the blank)?” or “Should I stop being friends with someone who does (fill in the blank)?”

Here’s a sample of what you’ve written in to our blog:

I have quite a few friends who I really think I can be a positive influence on and who are really sweet once you get to know them, but they don’t always dress the way they probably should. Do you mean that that can reflect on me, and I should like…break off a relationship? 

I’m a very social person. I mean I’m not into all the things they do but I do like to meet new people and be nice to them. Does…

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