how to deal with my inner problems?

Not so normal

I´m so sad, i don´t even understand how much can someone disappoint herself that much. is that even possible? i mean, is normal to disappoint another person yet stills really sad. but the thing is, i´m mad with myself but most of all… i´m sad because i feel like i´m being a failure, my dad and mom think the best of me always, and that i´m so intelligent, focused on my career… i love studying what i chose, is what i always wanted.  but it stills difficult to adapt because is something different, just a months before i was graduating from highschool and now i´m at college, is something completely different and so much stress, always. i´m always tired and stressed about every single thing, every subject. i love college, i love my subjects, but sometimes i just get so stressed and i want to explode, i want to do…

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