10 things I would tell my teenager self.

Diary of an Idealist

Dear teenage me, 

There is a million and one things I would love to tell you, when it comes to school, to boys and to life in general, there is so many days I wish I could have coached you through, or moments I wish I could have encouraged you to make the most of, but I’m going to limit myself to ten things I would like to tell you….

10. Focus, girl. School is only a small portion of your life, even though it takes up a rake of years, you don’t have the be smart to get by, so don’t give up on yourself so easily. Work hard, or just work.. Do your homework, complete your essays. It does have a purpose, trust me, and when the time comes for your final year, it’s only a couple of months, just study for god sakes. All those little fantasies…

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