The Violent Teenager.

A Tall Tale?

He held the aerosol can inches from her face, screaming he was going to burn her face off, as she reached behind into the sink her only thought was to  wet the lighter he was holding. Days earlier he had singed her hair sending a jet across the room , he was inches from her face. Whether this was a cry for attention or not the thought of that jet hitting her frightened her beyond belief.

Her once charming son had turned into an angry teenager and appeared to have no boundaries when it came to her. Whatever had gone wrong between them manifested itself in an anger that he appeared to be unable to control. She made excuses for him, he was just a boy. A troubled boy, he had to be mentally ill why else would he try and stab her , strangle her and put medication in…

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Should Christians Befriend Non-Christians?

Touching Your

by Erin Davis
When evaluating your friendships, remember to check your motivations as well as how you are influenced by particular relationships.

Should Christians Befriend Non-Christians?

Many of you are wondering, “Is it okay to be friends with (fill in the blank)?” or “Should I stop being friends with someone who does (fill in the blank)?”

Here’s a sample of what you’ve written in to our blog:

I have quite a few friends who I really think I can be a positive influence on and who are really sweet once you get to know them, but they don’t always dress the way they probably should. Do you mean that that can reflect on me, and I should like…break off a relationship? 

I’m a very social person. I mean I’m not into all the things they do but I do like to meet new people and be nice to them. Does…

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Love isn’t always easy

Cupcakes Adventures

To start off a sad note, my hamster died about a week before Christmas – his name was Dumbledore, named after a great wizard. He was a golden fluffy Syrian, he was almost 5 years old – I admit there was times where I didn’t pay him much attention, but I’m glad to say that in his last year I gave him a lot of love.

He never bit me and even in his old age he always wanted to get out and adventure. For example, he’d always jump off edges and I’d have to climb into the nooks and crannies just find him again.

I remember when I first got him, I had begged my parents to let me get another hamster, I had got a toy and put it my cat carrier and gave it food and water. I even carried it around with me.

Finally they gave…

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how to deal with my inner problems?


I´m so sad, i don´t even understand how much can someone disappoint herself that much. is that even possible? i mean, is normal to disappoint another person yet stills really sad. but the thing is, i´m mad with myself but most of all… i´m sad because i feel like i´m being a failure, my dad and mom think the best of me always, and that i´m so intelligent, focused on my career… i love studying what i chose, is what i always wanted.  but it stills difficult to adapt because is something different, just a months before i was graduating from highschool and now i´m at college, is something completely different and so much stress, always. i´m always tired and stressed about every single thing, every subject. i love college, i love my subjects, but sometimes i just get so stressed and i want to explode, i want to do…

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