Sex myths teens mostly belief.

– Everyone is doing it so what is the big deal? But they seem to forget that the one man that is not doing it may just be the only guy that will take over their wealth if they lose their lives to HIV.
– If all the successful stars are doing it, and they are still making it, why do I have to be different?
– You need to use what you have to get what you want. But they often forget that they may also get what they don’t need.
– It’s fun so why can’t we enjoy ourselves.
– We need to try it so we can understand our sexual compatibility before we marry.
– It’s the only way to keep him and the only way for her to prove her love for me. But have they asked themselves if any woman in history has been able to keep a man to herself through sex?
– How can you buy a product you haven’t tested?
– We are going to get married so it is not a big deal.