What are some practical steps you can take to develop a passion for God?

* You cannot love someone you do not know__get to know God’s through His Word.
* Understanding how much God loves you draws you to His unrelenting love. It is very hard not to love someone who is so good and loves you so completely.
* Admit to Him your lack of passion and ask for an abundance of it.
* Eliminate the distractions and competition__you know what these things are in your life. Put aside the worthless things so you can embrace the priceless One.
* Determine a plan for studying the Bible and stick with it.

Take Him At His Word

God gave us His Word to live by. His Word is not just an account of history and prophecy,but the revelation of His will,nature and character and His eternal purpose for man. His Word is full of power and the inherent ability to produce what it says.
The knowledge and understanding of God’s Word is imperative in our relationship with Him. When you study and understand the Word of God, you’ll not entertain any doubt as to its efficacy. You wouldn’t wonder if it’s His will for you to be prosperous,healthy and successful in life;you’ll simply expect the Word to produce results in your spirit. Learn to respond to God’s Word from your spirit and demonstrate an unequivocal faith in its potency and ability to transform you.
When you respond rightly to God’s Word by acting on it,your life will only go in one direction__upward and forward. Embrace God’s Word and key into a life of beauty,glory,rest,success,health and prosperity. God’s Word is His answer to whatever challenge anyone might be facing. It makes no difference what the issue is: whether it’s sickness,bankruptcy,marital problems etc. once you have God’s Word in that area,you have the answer.
The Word produces in your life what it talks about. If it’s a message of healing and health,it will heal you if you receive it into you. If it’s a message of properity and material wealth, it’ll produce the same in your life. The answers and solutions that you need are right there in the Word. Therefore, open your spirit and welcome the Word into your heart. Accept the Word as final authority concerning any situation. Let the Word be the regulator of your life.

Marijuana and the Teen Brain

What I Learned Today

I heard an interesting article on NPR yesterday morning about how Marijuana may hurt the developing teen brain.  Here is the story if you want to listen to it or read it:  http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2014/02/25/282631913/marijuana-may-hurt-the-developing-teen-brain.

The skinny is that the teenage brain gets rid of unused connections to help the brain make judgments, think critically and remember what it has learned.  Studies show regular marijuana use changes the structure of the teenage brain – specifically in the areas dealing with memory & problem solving.  Also, IQs can drop by EIGHT points!


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