Your Interests

How do you spend free time? Do you find yourself drawn toward some things more than others?
Your interests are the things you enjoy doing. They are the things you’re curious about and like to spend time thinking about.
Some common interests are
*different countries and cultures
*how cars are made
*the outdoors
*fashion design
*how sports are played
*how human beings think and act

Your interests influence the decisions you make. You choose the movie or book that sounds most interesting. You often choose friends who have the same interests you have. Your interests will also influence your career choice.
You need to identify your interests. Think about how you spend your leisure time and the things you talk about with your friends. Think about the TV programs you watch,the classes you choose to take,and the books or magazine articles you read. Try to identify as many interests as possible. Even romantic daydreams can give you clues. Do you dream about being an astronaut,a movie star,or a famous explorer?
Make a list of your interests. Then you can look over your list and decide which interests are really important to you and which one are less important. Thinking about the things you do in the following categories will help you identify your strongest interests.

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