Perhaps you have been classified as the worst sinner who can no longer obtain salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ.Some one might have told you “forget about being saved from your sins,for your sins are too many to be forgiven and pardoned by God”. Or your mind might have suggested to you,”no hope of being saved for you haved committed terrible and unpardonable sins”. Hear this:
“Come now,and let us reason together,saith the Lord:though your sins be as scarlet,they shall be as white as snow;though they be red like crimson,they shall be as wool.”(Isaiah 1:18) Jesus Christ did not come to classify anybody as a worse sinner that is beyond redemption.Hear this:
“I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”(Luke 5:32). Jesus Christ came save the worst of sinners,if only you can realize and turn to Him for repentance.
“…That Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners,of whom I am chief.”(1Tim. 1:15)
Paul the apostle classified himself as chief of sinners,but Jesus saved him. He can equally save you too, and even right now. Therefore;the woman of sychar,who had six husbands,whom the disciples of Jesus thought was the worst of sinners and beyond salvation,received pardon from the Lord Jesus Christ.
Friend,may be someone in your neighbourhood,business arena,or school or working place might have written you off but,I want to assure you today that God has not written you off.You can be saved from your sins and trespasses;Jesus came to save you.
“For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost”(Luke. 19:10). Sinner friend,you are among those Jesus Christ has come to save and to set free from the bondage of sin.Let no man write you off,and don’t write yourself off too. All you need do is to acknowledge your sins and repent from them and ask for forgiveness and pardon you. And I want you to know that the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST can wash you clean from all your sins.
“…And the blood of Jesus Christ,His Son cleanseth us from all sin.”(1John 1:7) The Blood of Jesus cleanseth from all sin,not few sin. Come by faith and dip yourself into the Blood of Jesus and be washed from all your sins now.
Many of those you see as believers today,were deep in sins and trespasses,but the grace of God found them,transformed them and changed them. And they became born again. The same grace of God is available to transform you and to change you. Surrender your life today.
Know also,that many men in history who have been used of God before(or now) were great sinners but God’s grace transformed them and they were(or are) being mightily used of God.
We are told that John Newton who wrote the hymn,”Amazing Grace” was a slave dealer in Africa and one of the worst sinners who ever lived. Who would ever have believed that he would one day be a clergy and even become one of the greatest hymn writers of all time. Listen to one of the Stanzas of the songs.
Amazin grace,how sweet the sound
That saved a wretched like me
I once was lost,but now am found
Was blind but now I see.
Sinner friend,if God can forgive all these people,deep in sins and trespasses,He will forgive you too.
“Wherefore,I say unto thee,Her sins, which are many,are forgiven…”(Luke 7:47)
God is willing to forgive you your sins;come now,not tomorrow,your sins cleansing and pardon, Come Jesus is waiting for you.
“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden,and I will give you rest.”(Mt.11:28)
Let nobody write you off.There is no man beyond the grace of God. His GRACE is available today.Even now?
Come and be saved.

Simple steps to enjoy the Grace of God
1. Realize you are a sinner(Jn.4:9)
2. Repent of your sins(Lk.13:3,Acts3:19)
3. Renounce all your evil ways and activities(Is.55:7)
4. Receive Jesus Christ into your life.(Rev.3:20;Jn.1:12)05. Rejoice in your new found faith in Christ.(Acts.8:35)
6. Remain steadfast in the Lord(Jn.15:5)
7. Read you Bible everyday to grow to maturity(Rev.1:3)
8. Locate a Bible-believing and practicing Church to improve your fellowship with God.(Heb.10:25)


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