One of the tools you require to achieve your dreams is the ability to set and achieve your goals.A goal is a dream with a dreadline.
2. Successful men and women are those who set and achieve their stated goals and objectives.People without goals will never achieve much in life. You should set goals for every area of your life;academic,relationships,spiritual,social and financial.
3. If you don’t have any goals,that means that you are not pursuing anything significant with your life. You are just existing not actually living.
4. Your goals define everything about you.Your goals determine what kinds of friends you keep,what movies you watch,what website you visit,which programs you attend,what books you read,how you spend your time and who you spend it with.
5. If you don’t have goals,you are going nowhere with your life.To keep your dream in constant focus,you must break it down into goals.There are short term,medium and long term goals.
6. Your goals must be written down on paper.Any goal that is not written down is a mere wish or fantasy;it has little or no chance of becoming a reality.To be successful in life,you have to cultivate the habit of thinking on paper.Clarify your objectives.
7. Your goals should be your own and not another person’s.You cannot live your life pursuing or trying to fulfil other people’s goals.It will be a waste of your time and energy because you will be unfilfilled and dissatisfied even if you accomplish them.
8. Your goals must be believable.That means your goal has to do with an area that you are talented or gifted to function in.Even if you are not talented in that area,you can develop the talent or skill necessary to accomplish your goal.For instance,to become a software designer,you must first have a very good understanding of computers and how they operate.
9. Your goals must be very specific.Do not generalise or be vague.Know exactly what you want and write it down in very clear terms.
10. Your goals must be measurable.For instance,you want to read the whole bible in a year.You will therefore divide the bible into portions which you will read daily.At the end of every month,you can accurately measure your progress.
11. After writin down your goals,formulate a plan to achieve them as you go along.Success is guaranteed to only those who stick to their goals.

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