Make A Difference!

Did you know that as one individual, God can use you to impact not just your immediate environment,but the whole nation,and ultimately, the whole world? You were born to make a difference in the world of your time; always remember that.
The development or improvement of a nation or environment is not only the task of the government,this the mistake many make thinking it’s the government only, no; it’s a collective responsibility.
Let’s take David for instance, he didn’t join the rest of his kinfolks to merely lament and muse over the terror unleashed on the Israelites by Goliath. Instead, he rose to the challenge. He saw a need and reached out to meet the need. You can see that when his eldest brother tried to talk him down, he asked him, “Is there not a cause?” (1samuel 17:29). David was moved by the plight of his people and chose to make a difference yet he wasn’t in the army.
Moses became the deliverer of the children of Israel from the severe oppression mounted by Pharaoh and his taskmasters. The desire to liberate the children of Israel from the deplorable conditions under which they lived in Egypt, spurred him to action. Esther too changed the destiny of her people by rescuing the Jews from mass annihilation plotted by Haman.
These ones stood up for the salvation of others and made tremendous impact in the world of their time. It’s your time to do the same. Make a difference in your world today. Have a personal commitment to serve, as several opportunities for service abound around us. Improve the lives of those around you through your actions.

A Mystery To Explore

Somewhere in-between childhood and adulthood, every young person develops a dream. Deep inside their inner recesses, every young adult begins to nurture one dream or the other of what he or she wishes to become in life. In-between childhood and adulthood are embedded the mysteries of the Divine will,only unveiled as we walk with God.But in-between dream and reality there is a a great journey. The challenge of translating your thoughts from being a mere dream to practical reality is a journey that usually involves climbing high mountains and going down deep valleys. It involves the inevitable ups and downs.
God who gives divine dreams, has all the neccessary wherewithal to turn your dreams into a living reality. God has a way, a route, a path that anyone willing to actualize his dreams must take.



Hey guys,

Last week, we started a discussion on 8 vital habits that are best learned early in life. Missed it? Click on the link below to catch up (Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you).


Today, our list gets 4 new entries. Enjoy!

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8 Habits Best Learned When You’re Still Young


Have you ever found yourself at your destination, wondering how you got there? Or have you ever searched for an item, only to find it without any memory of keeping it there in the first place?

Human Psychologists tell us that we are creatures of habit; most of what we do daily happens without us really thinking about what we’re doing. We live essentially on autopilot.

But when we desire to lead truly fulfilling lives, we must consciously disrupt this process to develop certain habits – especially while we’re young. These habits can be developed later in life but generally, the changes get harder to make with age. Now that you’ve decided you want to live an awesome life, what are some of the key habits you need to start acquiring and mastering? Here’s my short list.

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